Construction Services


Project types



One of the most important parts of the project is the pre-construction phase. Engaging with a general contractor during the design phase assists the owner and design team with constructability review, conceptual estimating, value engineering, identifying long lead items, and project scheduling. Our services include preparation of subcontractor bid packages, receipt and evaluation of subcontractor pricing and negotiation of subcontracts. Early involvement of a general contractor will save time and money for the project duration and cost.


During the construction phase, T Construction will coordinate the activities of the various trade contractors in accordance with the project schedule, monitor the construction costs, and inspect the work to ensure that it is in conformance with the contract documents as well as quality workmanship. The following are contract methods in which we can perform work.

• GENERAL CONTRACTING – T Construction provides general construction services in either the traditional Design-Bid-Build process where low qualified bidder is typically selected and through an open book or negotiate contract arrangement.

DESIGN-BUILD-BID is the traditional or old-style process used where the client hires an architectural/engineering firm to complete construction documents, selects a group of general contractors to bid the documents, the owner and architect will conduct a scope review of the general contractor’s bids, and the low qualified general contractor is selected to complete the construction of the project. This process is the longest in duration.

• DESIGN-BUILD method of project delivery has increased in popularity in the last twenty years. The owner selects a general contractor who can provide design and construction services through one entity which promotes an interdisciplinary team approach through-out the entire duration of the project from pre-construction through construction. The fast-track process helps to accelerate the project duration. Most of our business is conducted through this process as clients approach us with requests to understand the cost of their project prior to engaging services with the design professionals or selecting a new location for their business. We meet with them to understand their needs, fill in the blanks with a well-defined scope of work for construction services and provide relative pricing. We find this helps our client’s during lease negotiations and in some cases help with the final site selection of their new space.

• CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AT RISK OR AGENCY method promotes fast-tracking of a project and early involvement of a general contractor, as does Design-Build. T Construction will work with the owner and design team through the pre-construction phase providing cost estimating services, construction means and methods review, project scheduling and awareness of potential long lead items that may affect the project schedule.